Unusual dance-theatre on and under the tightrope awaits the spectator of an Oko Sokolo show. Claudia Schnuerer and Ante Ursić have created a poetic pas de deux where pictures of an encounter between man and woman are reenacted. With the elegance of their bodies they act out episodes of a partnership.

Oko Sokolo is borrowed from the Croatian "Oko Sokolovo": the eyes of the falcon. And it is with falcon eyes that C. Schnürer and A. Ursić observe the situation of their protaganists, a couple that come closer together, become estranged, battle with themselves or circumstance eventually to find their way back to one another.

Oko Sokolo present all of this not with words but through an organic visual language influenced by dance and circus art, multi-facetted, humourous and dreamy at times, sad and serious at others but elegant and light at all times never descending into over-indulgence or flat-footedness.